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Get the FREE Wav at Bandcamp





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New track Freedom Check it out!

Click on Artwork for bandcamp and download an awesome nice sexy wav. or mpa. file for free.





New Song on its way

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Coming Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon ~

News Update Nov 3rd 2015

2015-11-03 15:26:21 by NicholasCabraja

First off congrats to Krissalus on her Kickstarter campaign, She went over her reached goal  and ended up with $4,070 USD with 39 backers!! You can still purchase the book here:

On a side note... I went with Composer Cloud and got all the EWQL products. For a guy you loves classical and cineamtic songs...I thought it was worth it. I'll be uploading a new song soon and will be availble FREE on my Bandcamp!!
I have some songs there already if you haven't checked it out:

On another side note I'm creating a website that will hopefully be up and running in the next few weeks, but I have no idea what the layout is so that's fun...not really.

On a 3rd side note!! (yes lots of side notes!) I'm going on vacation to Panama with my Gf sometime in late November! We are flying there and I hate flying!! Like REALLY hate it, but the vacation is all inclusive... So that is also fun!

Hope your days are awesome!

-- Nick


Unbroken Light (The Star Hunters, Book #2)

2015-09-17 13:50:14 by NicholasCabraja

My latest song "Through Time" was used in a promo video for a Kickstarter sc-fi novel campaign: Unbroken Light (The Star Hunters, Book #2) by K.N Salustro - Krissalus!!



Here is a little bio of the 2nd book:

It began with an assassination contract. For an experienced bounty hunter like Lissa, aka the Shadow, everything should have gone smoothly. She had the details planned, the escape mapped out, the skills required to complete the assignment. But when enemies from her past catch up with her, she is suddenly thrown together with Fleet Commander Lance Ashburn of the Star Federation, forcing her to form a shaky alliance with the officer. Together, the two must survive a dangerous mutual enemy, but their actions reveal an even deadlier threat not only to themselves, but to the galaxy at large. The price of peace, however, may prove to be too high.

The stories of Lissa and Lance, their arkin companions Blade and Orion, and a few other characters began in "Chasing Shadows" and now they continue in "Unbroken Light," the second novel of the Star Hunters series. Follow the adventure further, delve deeper into the Star Hunters universe, and travel across the galaxy as the characters find new allies--and enemies--at every turn. The hunt is on, and only the strong will survive.

This is Salustro's second book of the Star Hunter series, "Chasing Shadows." You should give that one a read, if you haven't already. 


Here is a little bio of the 1st book:

STAND AND PROTECT Star Federation soldiers live by these words as they work to uphold peace across the galaxy. Founded at the start of the Andromedan War, the Star Federation annihilated its enemies and has gone unchallenged since then. Sometimes, powerful forces surface and demand more attention, be they drug lords, pirate crews, or bounty hunters worthy of Alpha Classification, but the Star Federation stands firm. Following the assassination of one of his subordinates, Fleet Commander Lance Ashburn goes on the hunt for the Alpha Class bounty hunter known as the Shadow. One of the best officers the Star Federation has ever seen, Commander Ashburn comes closer than anyone to eliminating the Shadow, but upon meeting her, he learns that a much larger and deadlier enemy roams the stars, one that could destroy the Star Federation. Caught between the Star Feds and her own dark past, bounty hunter Lissa a.k.a. the Shadow is pulled into a battle with no clean escape. With enemies on all sides, she must choose her allies very carefully. Her decisions could save the galaxy or plunge it into war, and this time, the price of enduring peace may be too high.


2015-07-01 03:42:05 by NicholasCabraja

Got a new compostition heading to Newgrounds, (hopefully sooner than later)  This one I'm quite proud of the production. And I believe I'm uping my game in classical music. Hope to share it with you all soon!

I've been a little discouraged for the past several days on my production, but today - after reading a few articles I grew some inspirationa and motivation. If your ever feeling down or helpless, take a look at this particualr article on mixing. It's something I always keep in mind whenever I am mixing or even composing. Let the Ideas move you!

This link I got from a Facebook page called The pro audio files, these guys shoot vodeos and articles that can give great advice on basically any genre.

Album is out

2015-04-14 18:57:47 by NicholasCabraja

My 2 part concept album "A Normal Day" is out on NG! Check it out!

part 1 A Normal Day

Part 2 Adrift

If you would like an MP4 or FLAC file you can get it here for FREE:


About Me and News

2015-04-07 20:21:47 by NicholasCabraja

Hello Stranger...or friend?

My name is Nicholas Cabraja. I'm a composer that is a fan of cinematic/orchestral music. I like it so much that it’s the majority of the music I like to create. 

My mind was never set on becoming a music producer. my first intetnion was going into film as I took film classes in high school as well as audio classes. So I basically got the whole insight of entertainment. As an extracurricular I acted in plays and sometimes did the sound and lights. 
I guess you could say that's kinda where I grew my interest in entertainment. I was having a blast messing with the soundboard and collaborating with my classmates in show production. As the years went by I grew more attached to the music aspect and I later bought K9U. At that point I was 110% sure that this was something that I wanted to pursue... it was pretty obvious.

I am currently enrolled at a private music school and in the process of my exams! So this is slowing down my production, but I'm almost done!

As for why I’m here today:

I discovered NG's when I was young kid. I played many nostalgic games and watched movies that have become all time famous! Coming back to it now, I've discovered what NG really has become, what it truly is, and most importantly, what I can get out of it!  I've now settled in and am trying to slowly develop my page and hopefully my image as a composer. Therefore, any new content I create I plan to put on NG's to let it shine!

Speaking of music. I have 2 new songs coming out. They are concept compositions and I plan to upload them in the next couple of days. One is a musical track and the other is a more "ambient" track that serves as the 2nd part of the story. They are projects for one of my exams. I personally like them because it's the first time playing with audio and creating something out of my preferred genre. So fan me if intrested and I hope you like it!